Meet the Board:

  • Chair: Summer Shumway, Jade Butterfly
  • Vice Chair: Tom Gilbert, Zaniac
  • Treasurer: Mark Williamson, Sterling Furniture
  • Secretary: Bekke Robb, One World Gifts
  • Laurie Bray, Photography by Laurie
  • Brad DiIorio, MercoLocal
  • Monique Higginson, Market Source Real Estate
  • Aabir Malik, Colmena Group
  • MaryAnn Nations, Keller Williams

Committee Chairs:

  • Events - Tom Gilbert, Zaniac
  • Marketing - Scott Fletcher, Independence University
  • Membership - Kelly Hannah, Eightline Real Estate
  • Finance - Aabir Malik, Colmena Group

Business Area Champions:

  • Brad DiIorio

Community  |  Business  |  Growth


The Sugar House Chamber of Commerce brings together local businesses to enhance the economic vitality of our community through networking, events, collaboration, advocacy, and opportunities for business development.


The Sugar House Chamber of Commerce will strive to create a vibrant business community that benefits its individual members and the community at large while recognizing and maintaining the traditions and personality unique to Sugar House.


The Sugar House Chamber of Commerce has been fostering community relationships for nearly 70 years. Whether it was known as the Merchants Association, the Chamber of Commerce, or by some other name, members of our business community have been gathering together to create a sense of place in Sugar House since the late 1940's. 

The Chamber has brought Santa to the Sugar Shack for over 60 years - sometimes arriving on horseback, sometimes via fire truck, and in the past, even by helicopter. The chamber devised Sugar Days in April, Turkey Days in November, and has used their funds to light the streets with holiday lights throughout the holiday season. Each 4th of July they bring the Arts Festival, which leads up to the annual fireworks display in Sugar House Park. When Sugar House was the furniture row of Utah, many of the stores banded together to co-market and co-brand their sales. This practice remains today, with many of our local stores joining together for sales and events. 

We owe much of our history to a few local businesses in particular: Sterling Furniture and Smith Crown. The owners of these two stores have cared for our community and kept our traditions alive through their dedication and hard work for decades. Sugar House simply wouldn't be Sugar House without them, and we - the Sugar House Chamber - are forever grateful.