Business Workshop Recap

On July 13th, Sugar House businesses, members of the Sugar House Chamber of Commerce and Community Alliance, and Community Council representatives met to discuss project progress, impacts and brainstorm ways to maintain a successful business district during construction. We appreciate everyone who was able to attend.
If you were unable to attend, you canĀ view the meeting presentation here. Please feel free to contact the project team with questions, comments or other feedback.
What We Heard:
The work session to talk about potential phasing, traffic impacts and limitations was informative. We learned that access, duration of work and the ability to maintain daily operations are the highest priorities for businesses on Highland Drive/1100 East.
Keeping in mind the potential impacts on nearby residential streets when traffic configurations are modified during construction is important to the community.
We also learned that meeting participants were willing to accept some trade-offs like
access impacts or construction through the winter holiday season in order to reduce the overall project duration.
The final section of the meeting was led by the Sugar House Chamber of Commerce and Community Alliance. Businesses worked together to identify ways to promote the Sugar House Business District during construction. Ideas included a list-serve for on-corridor businesses to share information with each other; quick and easy information for area visitors; joint promotions and mailers; events; and pre-produced monthly “construction update” campaigns for businesses to share construction information with their customers, staff, and suppliers. More to come on the outcomes from that discussion. Sign up for the Chamber’s newsletter by visiting their website: sugarhousechamber.org.
What’s Next?
The input shared by meeting participants will be used by the project team to develop project specifications and guidelines that limit the project contractor to reduce business impacts where possible while still working to deliver the project within budget and on time. The team is planning a final update meeting for businesses and residents this fall, once the design and contractor limitations are complete. More information will be provided here as schedules are confirmed.
During construction, the project team will share project schedule, phrasing and impact information weekly via this email list, online at HighlandSLC.org and through the Salt Lake City’s Transportation, Engineering & Streets’ social media feeds. We’ll also provide regular updates to the Community Council and Chamber of Commerce for distribution in their newsletters and social media feeds.