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Dayna McKee



Dayna McKee
Dayna McKee is a Utah native and has been a resident of Sugar House for 17 years. She represents the Nibley neighborhood on the Sugar House Community Council. Dayna holds a Master’s in Community Leadership from Westminster College and a Bachelor degree in political science from the University of Utah. Her full-time job is with TNT Auction, Inc. in Salt Lake City. Her primary expertise is in event management and production. In addition to her full-time work, she has worked and volunteered for several local organizations and events, including the Utah Arts festival, where she has coordinated several programs over the past 17 years. In her spare time, Dayna enjoys camping, walking her corgi, canning food from the garden, cooking, spending time on her porch with family and friends, traveling, and seeing live music. 

Dayna loves Sugar House and finds passion in figuring out ways to bridge the past with the future through community engagement and events. She feels that we have an opportunity, as the Sugar House neighborhood continues to evolve, to ensure the historical and cultural spirit of Sugar House transcends generations of Sugar House residents, both old and new. She believes the roots of Sugar House can be preserved while looking to the future, ensuring Sugar House will continue to be a place where small, local businesses thrive, where art is a community asset, and where neighbors look out for one another.