Bluebird Orthodontics offers aesthetic solutions for people who want to straighten their teeth but do not want a mouth full of metal. With the technology available today, you do not have to choose between misaligned teeth and braces. My name is Dr. Hailee Rask, and I love my job! I am drawn to orthodontics because I get to use my creativity and my attention to detail to help my patients become healthier and more confident.I have spent my career tackling a wide variety of cases with Invisalign® clear aligners and taking additional courses to improve my treatment design. I now treat cases with aligners that other talented orthodontists would classify as “braces only.” My goal is to provide my patients with a custom orthodontic treatment plan that looks good, feels good and (most importantly) is effective! As a dentist and a Board Certified orthodontist, my goal is to make sure you can trust that your treatment will be properly diagnosed and explained to you so you can feel confident about investing in your smile.

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Blue Bird Orthodontics

1555 Stratford Ave Suite 400
Salt Lake City, UT 84106 

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