D7 Officer Ashdown

Detective Joshua Ashdown District 7 Community Intelligence Officer

Contact: 801-799-3127 CIUDistrict7@slcgov.com

Hello Sugar House Businesses,

If you haven’t me yet I’m Detective Josh Ashdown with the Salt Lake City Police Department. You can just call me Josh and skip all the formalities if you wish. I was assigned to District 7 as the CIU Detective in March of this year and I plan to be here for a while so, I will become more familiar with your needs as time goes on. In the past my assignment was set up for officers who were about to be promoted to the rank of sergeant and because of this,  you often had officers who were only with you for a short time. This was changed to a long term assignment so that we can become better at serving the area and getting to know the specifics each area needs. I want you to feel comfortable asking me for help as we build a working relationship. You can ask me anything related to police work even if it isn’t directly related to Sugar House. Consider me as your own “Ask a Cop” and feel free to throw questions my way. The reason I want to do this is to help my department be more open and accessible to the community we serve. As we continue to work together please feel free to give me suggestions to address at our meetings. I can pull statistics, provided information about procedures or simply give ideas. You can call me or email me at any time. Best Wishes, Det. Josh Ashdown CIU District 7 801-799-3127