MADSEN Cycles created its unique cargo “bucket” bike with the idea that a bicycle can do more. A beautifully-designed family bike with 2 removable seats and 4 lap-belts, children plus cargo can ride safely in the bucket. Kids LOVE the bike and the conversations they can have with mom or dad as they ride. The stylish bike is also bullet-proof and can carry a cargo capacity of up to 600 lbs. Loads of family fun with a bike that will bring memories and joy for years to come. Ditch the car and enjoy the outdoors! Join this awesome community of cargo bike riders and be a part of our small business Madsen family.

“Hi, We Are the Madsen’s…
It started with a passion for bicycles, a knack for creation and design, and a fierce entrepreneurial spirit. MADSEN Cycles was created with the idea that a bicycle can do more. After visiting the Netherlands in 2007, we had the vision of making cycling more accessible to families in the U.S. Jared worked long hours in the garage and basement testing and tweaking the design of what is now nicknamed the “Bucket Bike”. In 2008, when our kids were just little, we officially started our small business, a venture not without blood, sweat and tears… but a rewarding journey to get to where we are today.
Jared’s attention to detail and demand for perfection in design, plus his attitude that there is ALWAYS a better way — along with Lisa’s natural love of the customers and desire to create a delightful experience for each one — have created the essence of what MADSEN Cycles has become today. The tight community of awesome MADSEN cargo bike owners around the world has become a highlight in our lives and work. Lucky us!”

Contact: Lisa Madsen or Mindy Christensen. Info@madsencycles.com, 800-206-0941, 4650 S. 148 W. Murray, UT 84107

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