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Please visit my website at www.mybridgebuilder.com. My Bridge Builder provides the following services to help you “bridge the gap.”

LegalShield: Legal problems are a part of life, but that doesn’t make dealing with them any easier. Lawyers can be expensive. There is a better way. Through LegalShield, you can get advice and counsel on a wide range of legal matters from reputable lawyers near you for less than a dollar a day. LegalShield protects more than 1.8 million households in all 50 states, plus Canada and the United Kingdom.

IDShield: Protect your savings, credit and reputation. Three million cases of fraud were reported in 2019 alone. Identity theft is upsetting and can hurt you financially for years to come. IDShield offers you a comprehensive tool to monitor your presence online and be notified of any unusual activity so you can take action before you become a victim of identity theft.

Codebreaker Tech: Too many business owners fail to get the steady flow of new business they want because they don’t know how to accurately predict the buying behavior of their prospective customers. I show you how to bridge that gap so that you can close more business in less time.

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