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John Wallace
John T. Wallace

John T. Wallace

About him:

John Wallace
John T. Wallace is part owner of the local Sugar House vacuum and appliance
store Smith-Crown Co. John is the Miele kitchen specialist with over ten
years of experience in the field working exclusively with Miele products.
John has been working with both new and old construction projects for most
of his adult life. His primary focus is helping fulfill clients dreams with
custom kitchen appliances from Miele. He is also the warranty and repair
servicer for northern Utah.

Smith-Crown Co. has been involved with the Sugar House Art Walk for over 5
years. John has insured that Smith-Crown Co. is a must see venue for those
attending the quarterly Art Walk. Weather it is an outdoor barbecue, or
indoor gourmet cooking demos, Smith-Crown’s artist receptions are a delight
for everyone.

In John’s spare time he is the proud father of five children and is an
outdoor enthusiast. Depending on the season, John is an active Skier,
Snowboarder, Mountain Biker, and Wave Runner Enthusiast.